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Special Diets

A proper diet is important to your pet's health. Certain medical conditions can be controlled or improved with the appropriate prescription diet.

Special Diets - We carry Hill's, Royal Canin and Purina prescription diets for dogs and cats. In addition, we carry Harrison's Bird Diets, Nurti-an Cakes (foraging weight management) for birds, Critical Care for small rodents and reptiles.

Our most popular prescription diet is Hill's and the most common formulas are:


  • a/d - Urgent Care
  • c/d - Multicare Urinary Care
  • d/d - Skin/Food Sensitivities
  • i/d - Digestive Care, Low Fat Digestive Care, Sensitive Digestive Care, Stress Digestive Care
  • j/d - Joint Care
  • k/d - Kidney Care
  • l/d - Liver Care
  • Metabolic Weight Management
  • Metabolic + Mobility (Weight +Joint Care)
  • t/d - Dental Care
  • w/d - Digestive/Weight/Glucose Management
  • z/d - Skin/Food Sensitivities

Other diets available/can be ordered if needed.